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children are the church of todayWe love kids!

Kids are a priority in our body. Our goal is that our kids know they are an important part of our family. You might see kids taking the offering, singing up front or even answering questions that are asked from the front. We want them to know that they are at home with us and that people love them.

Ours is a small, family feel rather than a place that herds the children from one program to the next.


We have no separate "Sunday School" time but instead invite ages 5- Grade 4 to take part in KidzTime during the morning worship service. The children leave during the offering time and head for the next room over for a lesson and some fun. It normally lasts 30-40 minutes.

Engaging teenagers in church


Birth through age 3 gather for childcare, play and story time. We always provide at least two nursery staff even if there are only a few children and we do our best to ensure that your little ones are going to be loved and cared for by people who adore and are good with children. We use a sign-in process where your child is tagged with a nametag with info and a number that corresponds to the number on a tag you take with you. Our nursery workers will only release your child to an adult with that tag at the end of the service. Of course, we want you to know that your child is welcome in the worship service and we don't mind the occassional squeaks, coos and squeals. Just use your judgement when the noise level or cuteness increases to the point of being distracting to others.


We have around a dozen teenagers now and are still waiting for the Lord to send us someone who has a passion for youth ministry. Is it you? Our teenagers are fully involved in the life and ministry of the body. We're not big on segregating. Our messages include them, use illustrations from their world and keep them engaged.


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