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Find a church in Maine

Relax, take a deep breath and come on in.

Who likes being the new kid? No one. It's just plain awkward, right? We get it. We've all been there.

You're going to find that we are a relaxed and friendly group. After you find a place to park on the street or in our parking lot a few houses down on the same side (#713-#717) come on up to the front doors by our cool, digital sign that a local company gifted us a few years back.

When you come in, you'll most likely meet Ruth first. She's like our church family grandmother and she loves to welcome and meet everyone. She is so cute and so sweet. She'll make you feel like you have just come home for Thanksgiving.

Ruth will hand you a piece of paper that church people call a bulletin. It will give you some details of things going on in our church family and will tell you the theme of the morning.

FBC Westbrook - belonging, friendshipDepending on what time you arrive, the lobby might be loud with laughter and people connecting. You'll see people wearing everything from flipflops, shorts and t-shirts, to jeans to business casual. Come as you are and don't worry about it. If you make your way over to the WELCOME window you'll find coffee and donut holes or pastries. And, if you let the person at the counter know you're a first-timer, you'll get a little bag of Welcome Goodies.

But, if you want to skip the window for now, turn left after you enter and come into the auditorium to find a seat. The auditorium is about 130 years old. It's a historic spot in Westbrook. You'll see padded, wooden benches, beautiful stained glass windows and a modern projection system, sound system and instruments up at the front (drums, keyboard, bass rig, electric, acoustic and vocal mics).

A modern church family in an historic building - MainePeople will probably say hello. If that freaks you out, it's a good time to pretend you are intently studying the bulletin thingy. You'll see announcements scrolling on the screen at the front.

At 10 we'll get started. Usually, Scott will kick things off with a welcome and a couple highlights before the music team plays. The music ranges from energetic and contemporary to an occassional classic hymn with Ed playing the organ. We'll sing a 3-4 songs, we'll pass the plates to pay the bills and tell you to ignore them since you're a guest, and then we'll talk about how life can be better following Jesus. We'll look at the library called the Bible to see what it teaches. If you don't have a bible and want one, take one with you as our gift to you. They are in little racks on the back of the bench in front of you.

All of us who speak try hard to make sure our messages are relevant and practical and not just an academic information dump. Scott does the bulk of the speaking but we also hear from 5 or 6 others from time to time.

Then, at 11 ish, we'll sing another song and head out to tackle the week ahead. You'll notice it will get a little bit loud from people talking to each other, connecting and even making plans. There will be kids running back in to find their parents and sometimes the music team just jams for a little bit longer.

How many people will be there?

Usually we have around 100-120 on Sunday mornings unless everyone shows up at once.

Will there be people my age?

Probably. We have ages infant through 86. We have 10-12 teenagers attending on Sundays (3/29/18) and are asking God to bring us the right team to building a dynamic student ministry program. (Maybe that's you?) We encourage our students and college-aged young adults to plug into Young Life at school or Navigators or Intervarsity in college to find more friends at their stage of life.

We have a lot of young families with little ones 4 and under. There's been a baby boom of late with 6 new babies in the last 18 months. Then we have the empty-nester, new grandparent crowd and then the seniors after that.

Is anyone going to introduce me or make me stand up?

Heck no! No one likes that. You won't be singled out or asked to introduce yourself. Individuals will say hello and welcome you but we don't put visitors through that.

What is the style of worship?

We're kind of in the middle here. We're not the shouting, pew-jumping type but we're not the sit-on-your-hands type either. It's not a Christian rock concert with lights and fog and drum solos, but our music team can turn up the volume and energy level when it's called for. Some older people will find the volume too loud but others love it. Our music team plays modern worship music from artists like Crowder, Tomlin, Hillsong, Elevation, Passion City, etc...

What does the "FBC" stand for?

Historically, we will always be "the First Baptist Church" in this community. When you've been around for 130 years, it's not an easy task to change your name! But, today, in format and function, we are more of a non-denominational "Faith Building Community" than what people would see as a Baptist church. So, most of us just say we're from "FBC Westbrook" now. If you're really interested in more you can find the complete story by following the ABOUT US link

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FBC Westbrook, 733 Main St., Westbrook, ME 04092